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Potamia was built on the slopes of the mountain Ypsario. It took its name due to the many streams that flow through the village(potamia is the greek word for rivers).The many manors with their stone walls and their wooden balconies make a lovely sight. Two beautiful churches make out from the rest of the buildings.Their arhitecture is quiet different from that of the manors.Potamia is also the home village of the reknowned sculptor Polygnotos Vages and you can marvel at his work in the museum which bears his name.It was erected to honor him.

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2 or 3 km away from Potamia, you can find Skala Potamia, which is the coastal region of the village Potamia. The bay of Skala Potamia, known also as Golden Beach, is a very lovely place that combines an enviroment dense in flora and very clear sea waters. At the little harbor in the area stands the imposing building of Tarsana, built in the 19th century by monks from the Holy Mount Athos.

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From Studios Aigaio, you can easily access to the following places:

  • Thassos & Port: 17km
  • Centre of Skala Potamias: 20m
  • Golden Beach: 10m
  • Super Market: 30m
  • Bus Stop: 30m

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