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Thassos is the northest island of the Aegean Sea. It is an island with lush vegetation that is 12 miles from Kavala and 6 miles from Keramoti. There are many sea routes: from the harbor of Kavala and Peramos to the village Prinos and from the harbor of Keramoti towards Limena. Furthermore there are flying dolphins from Kavala to the harbors Limena and Prinos.

Thassos is a beautiful island, “the jewel of north Aegean”. Being picturesque and lush with vegetation it is a magnet for the visitor. It combines crystal clear sea with lush forests of pine trees. A visit to the island offers a chance to escape to nature. The forests here are rich in pine trees,lovely fir trees and the olive trees cover most of the island's land. The green colour is typical to Thassos unlike the many other barren islands in the Aegean. The pine trees reach gracefully to the lovely sea shores and the sharp rocks.

The island has many gorgeous and clean beaches,like the Golden Beach in Skala Panagia, the Paradeise, Alyki, Psili Ammos, St. Antonios in Potos, Peukari, Limenaria beach, Tripiti, Atspas in Skala Maries, Papalimani, Glyphada and Limanaki in the capital city of the island named Limenas. Also, in the island there are numerous springs(those in the village Panagia are the most known) where cold and crystal clear drinking water is flowing underground from the mountains. The climate of Thassos is quite pleasant, with cool summers and mild winters.

Thassos, has been populated since the prehestoric time.Herodotus,the father of history, first mentions the island. He describes his journey there. According to ancient myths one of the many erotic adventures of Zeus, the greatest god of the ancient Greeks,led to the “discovery” of Thassos. As the story goes... in the eastern Phoinece,there was a king,Agenor, who had three sons, Phoinix,Cilika and Cadmus and a daughter named Europa. One lovely spring day Zeus transformed himself into a beautiful white bull and kidnapped the gorgeus Europa. He took her to Crete, inside a cave,in the Diktaio Antro as it is called. Thassos(the grandchild or son of Agenor) searched everywhere for Europa in vain. He ended up in this island and was charmed with its marvelous climate and rich vegetation. Ashamed as he was, because he did not find Europa, he decided to make Thassos his home.And so he settled in with his company and since then the island has been named after him...

Honey,olive oil and marble are the products that prove the wealth of the island. From the ancient times since these days, Thassos, is a very known about the honey production. There are many beehives in the large pine forests.
The Honey Production Company of Thassos, which numbers 100 bee-keepers is in the region of Prinos. ΤThat honey production centre has been working for 25 years. Its goal is to collect honey from producers, to package it and sell it to greek and foreign markets.
In the late 18th century olive trees replaced vineyards in Thassos. Olive oil has been an important nutritional element in the diet of Thasian people
Among white marbles worldwide, the Thasian marble is the whitest and therefore the demand for it is quiet high.The “white thassos” is also named “brilliant thassos”,”snow white thassos”,”Thassitiko” and “Crystallina”!.

The excellent infrastructure ,the natural beauty of the place and the unique hospitallity of the locals make the island a very attractive destination for tourists.


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From Studios Aigaio, you can easily access to the following places:

  • Thassos & Port: 17km
  • Centre of Skala Potamias: 20m
  • Golden Beach: 10m
  • Super Market: 30m
  • Bus Stop: 30m

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