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Experiences & Activities

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Water Sports


All the main beaches of Thassos are supplied with floating platforms where professional instructors will initiate you into water-skiing, jet-skiing, paragliding or wind surfing. There are also several highly professional scuba diving clubs all over the island both for beginners and experienced divers.

Sailing & Boat Rental


In a place famed since ancient times for the maritime skills of its inhabitants, you can find several boat rentals around the island and a multitude of good moorings in the vicinity of the coast. A unique feeling can be offered by renting boats or yachts. You can rent a boat and enjoy the beautiful Aegean Sea and visit some of the isolated beaches, which cannot be accessed in any other way.

Scuba Diving


The beaches and coves, head-lands and endless reefs, constitute a small paradise for lovers of the deep. In the recent years the interest for scuba diving has increased as more and more people discover the hidden beauty that lies beneath the crystal clear waters of Thassos.

Due to this organized diving centers can be found in many parts of the island. The diving centers are well equipped with certified instructors and include lessons for both novice & advanced divers.



Cycling is a unique way to explore the hidden and unspoiled parts of the Thassian countryside. There are multiple cycling routes that will take you all over the island and reveal to you the lush green & wild nature of Thassos.

Many biking tours are organized throughout the island so do not miss out on this amazing opportunity.